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Apr 27, 2022

Gurlitt Status: source German Lost Art Foundation website April 27 2022

What are the results of a decade of provenance research into the origins of the stash of artworks found in the home of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Hitler's art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt? 

The German Lost Art Foundation publishes online a selection color coded Green, Yellow or Red from the "Provenienzrecherche Gurlitt".

At present, only four are coded RED. A whopping 615 are coded YELLOW. And 28 have received the GREEN code. As for the artworks that have not been coded, there is a note:

After the research reports on works originally suspected of Nazi looting have successfully undergone an expert review, they are approved by the board of the project sponsor. The final note summarizes the key data and research findings on the work and completes the Object Record Excpert (ORE). Then the investigated artwork is assigned to one of the categories of the agreement. Works that are classified as so-called "Degenerate Art" with a clearly unencumbered origin and the family collection* do not undergo a review and therefore do not receive a final note.

*The family holdings are works that are attributed to the Gurlitt family because they were either created after 1945, were created by family members, or can be directly attributed because of personal dedications

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Below are the  artworks in each color category:

Jan 18, 2020

UPCOMING RELEASES in HOLOCAUST ART HISTORY: Wiener Kunsthandel 1938–1945: Geschädigte und Profiteure

Gabriele Anderl, author of NS-Kunstraub in Österreich und die Folgen, has a new book coming out about the art market in Vienna from 1938-1945:

 Wiener Kunsthandel 1938–1945: Geschädigte und Profiteure

Book Product Information
600 pages
Publisher: Studien Verlag
Publication Date: 30. April 2020
Language: Deutsch
ISBN-10: 370655223X

ISBN-13: 978-3706552233

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The German version will be released in April 2020.
We hope to see an English translation soon.