Double Comma Names DATASET

On January 28, 2018, new records were created in the Union List of Artists Names (ULAN) managed by the Getty Research Institute.

These names contained two commas in their preferred label instead of one. (They have since been updated. This dataset shows the records with the original error.)

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(with Wikidata Qids)

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(with Wikidata Qids)

ULAN URIULAN Preferred NameULAN DescriptionID,, et Cie.French owner, fl. 1960s -1980sDC1,, GalerieFrench owner, fl. 1910s-1920sDC2,, Fine ArtsSwiss owner, fl. 1970s-1980sDC3,, GalleryOwner, fl. 1920s-1930sDC4,, GalleryAmerican owner, ca.1900-, fl. 1957DC5,, Ltd.Owner, fl. 1970sDC6,, and Co.OwnerDC7,, Copley GalleryAmerican owner, 1863-1932DC8,, and Co.OwnerDC9,, GalleriNorwegian owner, fl. 1950sDC10,, GalleriesAmerican owner, fl. 1940sDC11,, KunsthandelDutch owner, fl. 1930s-1960sDC12,, Import- ExportAmerican owner, fl. 1920sDC13,, GalleryAmerican ownerDC14,, GalleryAmerican owner, fl. 1875-at least 1922DC15,, Ltd.Owner, fl. 1970s-1980sDC16,, GalleryOwner, d. 1948, fl. 1934-1948?DC17,, Inc.British owner, fl. 1900s-1950sDC18,, & Co.American owner, fl. 1940sDC19,, Ltd.British owner, fl. 1960sDC20,, Ltd.Owner, 1920-1985DC21,, and Co.Owner, 1957-, fl. 1960s-1980sDC22,, GalleryAmerican owner, fl. -1857DC23,, GalleriesAmerican owner, 1885-1962DC24,, GalleriesAmerican owner, fl. 1930s-1970sDC25,, GalerieOwner, fl. 1950s-1970sDC26,, Messrs.OwnerDC27,, GalleryAmerican owner, fl. 1951-1998DC28,, GalleryCanadian owner, fl. 1925DC29,, Kunsthandel FirmaOwnerDC30,, Inc.American owner, fl. 1950sDC31,, GalleriesAmerican owner, fl. est. 1848-1910sDC32,, GalleryAmerican ownerDC33,, GalleriesAmerican owner, fl. 1865-1950sDC34,, Inc.Owner, 1894-1994DC35,, and Co.Owner, 1817-1881DC36,, GalerieGerman owner, fl. 1950sDC37,, GalerieGerman owner, fl. -1890DC38,, and Co.British owner, 1881-1959DC39,, GalleriesOwner, fl. 1940s-1950sDC40,, & Co.American owner, fl. 1950sDC41,, GalerieOwner, fl. 1960s-1970sDC42,, GalleryOwner, fl. late 1880s-1920sDC43,, and Co., Inc.American owner, fl. 1880-1978DC44,, Rey and Co., Inc.American owner, fl. 1940sDC45,, GalleriesAmerican owner, fl. 1940sDC46,, IncorporatedAmerican owner, fl. 1970sDC47,, Ltd.British owner, fl. 1980sDC48,, and Co.British ownerDC49,, and Co.Owner, fl. 1950s-1980sDC50,, Galleries, Inc.American owner, fl. 1915s until 1972DC51

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