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Jan 7, 2022

Property looted from Jews in Vienna: Unser Wien MAP

Behind every orange dot, property looted from Jews after the Nazi Anschluss of 1938

Map by Tactical Space, based on the inventory of stolen property under the Nazis, in the study by Stephan Templ, Unser Wien.accessed January 7, 2022

Unser Wien Map

Unser Wien (Our Vienna) is a book co-authored by Stephan Templ and Tina Walzer that details how hundreds of Jewish businesses in Vienna were seized by the Nazis and never given back.

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Stephan Templ is an Austrian citizen, author, and journalist who has been jailed by Austria because of a restitution claim he made on behalf of his mother for Nazi-looted property.

This project is a translation of the addresses listed in the book as a digital map. This map is part of the Open Maps project. Credit for location entry and translation goes to Melanie Lyn. Technical implementation by Josh Harle.

Jan 18, 2020

UPCOMING RELEASES in HOLOCAUST ART HISTORY: Wiener Kunsthandel 1938–1945: Geschädigte und Profiteure

Gabriele Anderl, author of NS-Kunstraub in Österreich und die Folgen, has a new book coming out about the art market in Vienna from 1938-1945:

 Wiener Kunsthandel 1938–1945: Geschädigte und Profiteure

Book Product Information
600 pages
Publisher: Studien Verlag
Publication Date: 30. April 2020
Language: Deutsch
ISBN-10: 370655223X

ISBN-13: 978-3706552233

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The German version will be released in April 2020.
We hope to see an English translation soon.


Dec 5, 2019

Questions on the 241 works of art owned by the Republic of Austria

Answers to written parliamentary questions No 4024 - 4263 / J - NR / 1998 concerning works of art in Possession of the Republic of Austria 

example of one artwork included in the Austrian list, with provenance, "collection of Martin Bormann"

(original text in German: "Die schriftlichen parlamentarischen Anfragen Nr. 4024 - 4263/J - NR/1998 betreffend Kunstwerke im Besitz der Republik Österreich, die die Abgeordneten Mag. Terezija Stoisits und Freundinnen am 15. März 1998 an mich richteten, wird wie folgt beantwortet:"...

** Below - after the list -  please find the original questions concerning the artworks published by the Austrian parliament)

For English readers, we jump immediately to the list:

Details of the 241 art objects


Werk:                                    Portrait Kitty Rothschild
Künstler:                              John Quincy ADAMS
derzeit:                                  Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
angegebene Herkunft:        1975 Widmung von Eugène de Rothschild

ad 1 - 3
1975 Widmung von Eugène de Rothschild, Monte Carlo
ad 13
Schenkung stellt in keinem Konnex mit der Erlangung einer Ausfuhrbewilligung (Einfuhr nach