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Jun 25, 2024

Graupe in provenance texts of American museums

When Meules de blé appeared for sale, Christie’s was privileged to have researched the history of this work and facilitated a settlement agreement between the Cox Collection and the heir of Max Meirowsky as well as the heirs of Alexandrine de Rothschild, illustrating the complexity of restitution cases and losses due to Nazi persecution. It was offered on 11 November 2021 pursuant a settlement agreement

The Paul Graupe auction house was a key player in sales of Jewish art collections during the Nazi-era.

In this post, we look at a selection of  88 artworks in American museums that mention "Graupe" in the provenance text.

 Some texts refer to sales prior to 1933. Some texts specify that an artwork was NOT sold at Graupe's. And some texts clearly refer to sales at Graupe's during the Nazi era. Some texts are factual while others contain speculative language.

Holocaust victims in the provenances include:

- Friedrich Gutmann (murdered)

- Max Silberberg (murdered)

- Rosa Oppenheimer (murdered)

Where possible, post-Graupe dealers and owners are highlighted in yellow.

43National Gallery of Art
26Metropolitan Museum of Art
7Yale University Art Gallery
3Harvard Art Museums
2J. Paul Getty Museum
2Cleveland Museum of Art
2Philadelphia Museum of Art
2Art Institute of Chicago
1The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Apr 8, 2020

DATASET: National Gallery of Art Nazi Era Provenance PUBLIC

Dataset name: National Gallery of Art Enhanced Provenance Research Dataset NEPIP PUBLIC

Description: This enhanced Provenance dataset has been constructed from  information available on the public internet site of the National Gallery of Art (NGA)  The dataset merges the list of artworks on the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal with provenance texts published on the NGA detailed item pages. 
This dataset is intended to facilitate research into Holocaust-era provenance for scholars, art historians and families. 
The original and best source of information concerning provenance remains the National Gallery of Art  public website.

Format: Google Sheet


Download: CSV


1. NEPIP National Gallery of Art 

2. About this file

3. NEPIP by Artists

4. NEPIP by Credit Line

5. NEPIP Provenance includes "private", "anonymous", "art market"

6. All of above

Publisher: OAD

Date of Publication: April 6, 2020

Example of content: Provenance text contains word "private", "anonymous", or "art market" 


Original data sources that were merged to create the new 
DATASET: National Gallery of Art Nazi Era Provenance PUBLIC:

Dec 17, 2018

The Legacy of Edward Speelman

National Gallery of Art (London) List of works with incomplete provenance from 1933-1945: Flowers in a Vase

The art dealer, Edward Speelman (1910-1994) played an important role in forming many collections. 

As a British soldier in World War II, Speelman arrested the notorious Austrian Nazi Artur Seyss-Inquart who had administered occupied Holland for the Reich  and who would, for his many crimes in Austria, Poland and Holland, be sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials. Speelman was assigned to intelligence and worked on the postwar administration of The Netherlands before returning to civilian life.

Below are a few of the artworks that passed through Speelman's hands on their way to famous museums around the world. (Speelman part 1) 

After we have gathered about a hundred examples of provenances that mention Speelman, we'll begin to look for patterns... 

1. National Gallery of Art in London: 

List of works with incomplete provenance from 1933–1945

(Download PDF of NGA UK list)

'Flowers in a Vase' Bequeathed to NG by Edward Speelman (D) in 1994.

Switzerland, possibly shortly after Second World war; *
acquired from a Canadian family near Genoa in the 1960's or from a private collection near Zollikon, Switzerland around 1970/1972 by Kurt Meissner (D), Zurich, *
Edward Speelman (D), London; bequeathed by Mr. Speelman to NG, 1994
Questions 1933-1945
Whereabouts and provenance until post WWII?
Source for information about Switzerland?
Provenance between post 1945 and 1960's?
Flowers in a Glass Vase Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder 1614

'The Virgin and Child in an Interior' 23 x 15cm. Bought by the NG from Edward Speelman (D), London, 1987

Melanie von Habsburg-Lothringen, Schloss Seisenegg, Austria;*
Edward Speelman (D), London;*
Questions 1933-1945
Provenance prior to von Habsburg-Lothringen
Acquisition/disposal by ditto
Provenance between von Habsburg-Lothringen/Speelman
The Virgin and Child in an Interior Workshop of Robert Campin (Jacques Daret?) before 1432

'The Preaching of St John the Baptist' Bought by NG from Edward Spelman (D), 1978

M.A. Mechen; *
Phillips, London, 14 March 1977*
Edward Speelman (D), London;
Purchased by NG, 1978
Questions 1933-1945
Provenance prior to Mechen
Details and date of acquisition by Mechen
Mechen sold through Phillips 1977?
The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist Cornelis van Haarlem 1602

2. Collectie is Speelman Ltd., Edward 

(122 artworks are listed in the Speelman Ltd collection in the Rijksmuseum - to see them you can download a PDF or use this link.  A separate post will examine in detail the provenances for all of these artworks.  NOTE: If one searches a different way, for every mention of Speelman in provenance, RKD lists 184 results.

Some examples:

Interieur met een schoolmeester die een kind leert lezen, met een spinnende vrouw op de achtergrond

Interior with a schoolteacher learning a child to read, with a woman spinning in the background

  • art dealer Edward Speelman Ltd., London 
    - 1959 
  • art dealer Richard Green, London 
    getoond op TEFAF, Maastricht, 2007-03, 2008-03 en 2009-03
    2007 - 2009 gesignaleerd
  • art dealer Johnny Van Haeften (London), London , inv./ nr. 6 (cat. EIGHTEEN)
    getoond op TEFAF, Maastricht, maart 2012, 2013 en 2014
    2012 - 2014 gesignaleerd

Stilleven van vijf schelpen op een stenen tafelblad

Still life with two peaches

  • Private collection 
    Verenigd Koninkrijk
    - 1930-02-14 geveild
  • art dealer Jacques Goudstikker, Amsterdam 
    1933 - tentoongesteld
  • art dealer Edward Speelman Ltd., London 
    1984 - gesignaleerd
  • art dealer David Koetser, Zurich/New York 
    2008 - gesignaleerd
  • Private collection 
    2008 -

Jacob Hoefnagel Vase with flowers, surrounded by fruit and insects

  • art dealer Edward Speelman Ltd., London 
    - 1959 verkocht
  • art dealer or private collection Piet de Boer, Amsterdam 
    1959 - 1964 

  • Stichting P. en N. de Boer, Amsterdam , inv./ 660
    1964 -

    Space does not permit to display all 122 artworks which mention Speelman. For more, consult the website of the Rikjsmuseum