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Jun 25, 2024

Graupe in provenance texts of American museums

When Meules de blé appeared for sale, Christie’s was privileged to have researched the history of this work and facilitated a settlement agreement between the Cox Collection and the heir of Max Meirowsky as well as the heirs of Alexandrine de Rothschild, illustrating the complexity of restitution cases and losses due to Nazi persecution. It was offered on 11 November 2021 pursuant a settlement agreement

The Paul Graupe auction house was a key player in sales of Jewish art collections during the Nazi-era.

In this post, we look at a selection of  88 artworks in American museums that mention "Graupe" in the provenance text.

 Some texts refer to sales prior to 1933. Some texts specify that an artwork was NOT sold at Graupe's. And some texts clearly refer to sales at Graupe's during the Nazi era. Some texts are factual while others contain speculative language.

Holocaust victims in the provenances include:

- Friedrich Gutmann (murdered)

- Max Silberberg (murdered)

- Rosa Oppenheimer (murdered)

Where possible, post-Graupe dealers and owners are highlighted in yellow.

43National Gallery of Art
26Metropolitan Museum of Art
7Yale University Art Gallery
3Harvard Art Museums
2J. Paul Getty Museum
2Cleveland Museum of Art
2Philadelphia Museum of Art
2Art Institute of Chicago
1The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art