Dec 19, 2018

Edward Speelman and the Toledo Museum of Art

In 1976 the Toledo Museum of Art published a 404 page catalog of its European paintings.

(see also: The Legacy of Edward Speelman and Speelman in America)

Speelman is mentioned ten times in the 1967 catalog in connection with the following artworks:

Shepherdess Reading a Sonnet pl. 97 [1628] 

Oil on canvas 41 x 29^ in. (104.2 x 74.9 cm.) Signed and dated upper right: A. Bloemaert. fe:/i628 Ace. no. 55.34
collections: Anthony Aupine, Hoviton, Norfolk?; So- phia Dawson and her descendants, St. Leonard's Hill, Windsor Forest, by 1818-1955; (Sotheby, London, Apr. 6, 1955, lot 96); (Speelman, London).

Shipping Off the Coast pl. 122 [After 1651]

 Oil on canvas 24^ x 33MS in. (61.9 x 84.0 cm.) Signed on second ship from left: J.V.C. (traces of a possible full last name) Ace. no. 56.56
collections: Dukes of Arenberg, Brussels, early 18th century-1955; (Speelman, London). exhibitions: The Hague, Mauritshuis, In the Light of Vermeer, 1966, no. 26.

The Road from Market PL. 316 [1767-68] 

Oil on canvas 47M x 67 in. (121. 3 x 170.2 cm.) Ace. no. 55.221
collections: Lord Shelburne, later 1st Marquess of Lansdowne, Bowood, Wiltshire (Coxe, Burrell and Foster, London, Feb. 26, 1806, lot 105, repr.); William Esdaile (died 1837) and descendants; William C. H. Esdaile, Cothelestone House, Taunton, Somerset, until 1955; (Edward Speelman, London).

Wings of the Salamanca Triptych pl. 8za-d Left wing: Saint John the Baptist; verso: Angel Annunciate Right wing: Saint Peter; verso: Virgin Annunciate [1521] 

Oil on wood panel Left wing: 47^x18^ in. (120x47 cm.); right wing: 47K x 18^ in. (120 x 47 cm.) Left wing: Signed lower left and right: IOAES MALBodl PINGEBAT; Inscribed lower center (on tablet): IOANES LVCERNA/ARds ET LVCENS Right wing: Dated lower left and right: anno 1521; In- scribed lower center (on tablet): petre pasce oveis MEAS Acc. no. 52.85
collections: Salamanca chapel, Augustinian Church, Bruges, by 1609 to ca. 1796; Abbaye des Dunes, Bruges, 1796; St. Donatian Cathedral, Bruges, 1802-10; Edward Solly, London, 1814-37; (C. J. Nieuwenhuys, 1838); King William II of The Netherlands, 1838-50 (De Vries, Roos, Brondgeest, The Hague, Aug. 12, 1850, lots 36 and 37, not sold and withdrawn; De Vries, Roos, Brondgeest, The Hague, Sep. 9, 1851, lots 21 and 22); Schneider collection, France; (Speelman, London); (Ag- new, London).

Still Life with a View of the Sea pl. 123 [1646] 

Oil on canvas 23^ x 36^ in. (59.3 x 92.6 cm.) Signed and dated lower left: J. de Heem.f. Ao 1646 Ace. no. 55.33
COLLECTIONS: Lady Cochran, Abingdon, to ca. 1914; (Lempertz, Cologne, 1930); Private collection, Paris; (Speelman, London, 1955).

Portrait of a Scholar pl. 128 [1647] 

Oil on canvas 32-5/s x z6}i in. (82.8 x 67 cm.) Signed and dated upper left: W Moreels: 1647 Inscribed upper right: Ano.Aetat.21. Inscribed on book: Euphorbium/pRAESENTEM MONstrat/quaelibet her:/ba deum ("This herb points out the presence of God.") Ace. no. 62.70
collections: (Hilleveld DeVries. . . . Roos, Amster- dam, Nov. 16-18, 1841, lot 58, as by P. Moreelse); 114 MUELICH (Sotheby, London, Apr. 4, 1962, lot 60); (Speelman, London, 1962); (Nystad, The Hague).

 St. Peter's Square, Rome pl. 27 [1741] 

Oil on canvas 38M x 53^2 in. (98.4 x 135.9 cm.) Signed and dated lower right: 1. paul-panini/romae 1741. Ace. no. 71.157
collections: Sir Thomas Lucas, Bt., London, 1902; Captain Stephen Tempest, London (Sotheby, London, Nov. 25, 1970, lot 14, repr.); (Speelman, London, 1970- 7i).

Italian Landscape PL. 119 [Ca. 1655-60] 

Oil on canvas zjYa, x zi]/2 in. (69.2 x 54.6 cm.) Signed bottom center: APynacker (AP in monogram) Ace. no. 72.31 collections: Jean Antoine Gros (Lebrun, Paris, Apr. 13, 1778, lot 15); Charles Alexandre de Calonne (Skin- ner &C Dyke, London, Mar. 26, 1795, lot 48H?); President Haudry; Van Eyl Sleuter (Paillet, Delaroche, Paris, Jan. 25, 1802, lot 135); Ralph Bernal, London (Christie, London, May 8, 1824, lot 18); Ralph Fletcher, Gloucester (Christie, London, June 9, 1838, lot 53); Edmund Higginson, Saltmarshe, Herefordshire, by 1841 (Christie, London, June 4, 1846, lot 194); James Morrison and de- scendants, Basildon Park, by 1857; Walter Morrison (Sotheby, London, Apr. 19, 1972, lot 20); (Speelman, London).

Flower Still Life PL. 144

Oil on canvas 29M x 23% in. (75.6 x 60.6 cm.) Signed lower right: Rachel Ruysch Ace. no. 56.57
collections: Bryan, London, (Coxe, Burrell and Foster, London, May 17, 1798, lot 49) (?); William Wells, Redleaf, England, by 1835 (Christie, London, May 12, 1848, lot 54); J. E. Fordham; (Speelman, London).

Interior of the Old Church in Amsterdam PL. I43 [1690s] 

Oil on canvas 21% x i8^4 in. (55.5 x 47.6 cm.) Signed (falsely) lower left: E. de Witte Signed lower right: Streek Ace. no. 58.05
collections: Lady Cochran, Abingdon; (John Mitchell, London, 1934); Mrs. Geoffrey D. Hart, Forest Row, East Sussex; (John Mitchell, London); (Speelman, London).

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