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Sep 21, 2022

The Paris art dealer who sold the looted work to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum was François Heim

1. How did Jacopo Zucchi's  “The Bath of Bathsheba” get from Italy to Connecticut where it hung at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford from 1965, until it was "restituted" to the Italians?*

Who was the "Paris dealer" who sold the looted painting to the Wadsworth museum?

Plundered art: a perspective from the Holocaust Art Restitution Project tells the story - and the story of the story.


21 August 2011 Jacopo Zucchi, “The Bath of Bathsheba”: or how pieces of a story build a new story about the same story ex post facto

2. What other artworks were sold to museums by François Heim?

Triptych of Madonna and Child with Angels, LACMA M.69.54

According to the Getty Provenance Index records, Triptych with the Madonna and Child with Saints (Los Angeles County Museum of Art M.69.54) was acquired by LACMA from François Heim in 1969.

Sep 24, 2021

Pinakothek Munich: artworks with no provenance transferred from the German state

Where to find the provenance of artworks held at the Pinakothek in Bavaria, Germany?

Not, it seems, on the Pinakothek website.

Frequently, the information provided in the Origin or Herkunft field limits itself to the mention: "on loan" or "transferred from the German state".

But there is no link or reference to any further information. 

Yet we know that many looted artworks returned to Germany after the war and then distributed to museums "on loan" or as "transfers").

How to verify whether or not an artwork held at the Pinakothek is referenced in the database, the DHM Munich or Linz databases?

To find out, we will look at a selection of artworks at the Pinakothek, many of which are "on loan" or transferred from State possession.

See file here 

Download CSV here

(please note: The dataset contains only a few hundred artworks out of the more than 8000 artworks created before 1940 that contain the word "Überweisung")Überweisung#filters={"yearRange":{"min":1400,"max":1940},"onDisplay":false,"publicDomain":false}