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Mar 19, 2021

Suspicious provenance errors: Manet's Mellon

Mrs Kurt Riezler (née Käthe Liebermann, daughter of Max Liebermann) was previously mis-identified as Liezler

 Why does it matter? Because her family was persecuted by the Nazis and she herself was a refugee.


The Melonc. 1880

Mar 22, 2019

Women Art Dealers Involved in Nazi-Era and Post-War Art Market Networks

The 1946 Art Looting Investigation Unit Final Report listed many women

The OSS Investigators in 1946 identified numerous women involved in various capacities in the Nazi-era art market. There were art dealers, collectors, restorers, and other art market professionals as well as secretaries, assistants, family members, spouses and lovers ("six mentions of "mistress") 

How to find the women investigation by the ALIU? In this experiment, we searched by the following words:

In many cases the woman was the subject of an investigation by the Art Looting Unit and consequently had her own entry with a description of her activities. In other cases, she is mentioned in the description of a man ("wife of", "sister of", etc.)

The source data is available in this public Google Fusion table:

OSS ALIU Red Flag Names PUBLIC-Women of the Red Flag List

The original data source is from which was formatted for searches in Google Sheets in OSS ALIU Red Flag Names PUBLIC using filters.

How active were women in Nazi looting? The ALIU Red Flag List of Names mentions about 177 people in connection with the ERR. Women were about 10% of the total.

Women in the Nazi looting organisation known as the ERR ("Reichsleiter Rosenberg Taskforce" or "Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg")

Male vs Female members of the Nazi looting organisation known as the ERR
source: ALIU Red Flag List

At the center of Nazi action: Frau Maria Dietrich.

The Networks of Frau Maria Dietrich

Suspects who the ALIU connected to Frau Maria Dietrich
source: ALIU Final Report

"Dietrich, Frau Maria Almas. Munich, Gustav Freytagstr 5. Art dealer; personal friend of Hitler, and for a time his principal buyer of works of art. One of the most important purchasing agents for Linz. Was under house arrest at Grafing, Bavaria, autumn 1945." - ALIU 1946 Final Report

Dietrich appears in the bios of 17 suspects under investigation by the Art Looting Investigation Unit in the 1946 Red Flag list.  ("DIR No.14 on the activities of Maria Dietrich was planned.It was not issued, but a full accounting of her activities was incorporated into Consolidated Interrogation Report No. 4.")

The networks become very interesting when one takes the analysis further, looking into the connection of each of Dietrich's connections.... Some of these names have already been touched upon in previous posts.

Provenance Research: Paul Cailleux in NEPIP

Networks of Yves Perdoux

Red Flags in Art History: Zacharie Birtschansky or Birshansky

WWII art looting networks: Leegenhoek

WWII Art Looting Networks: Göpel (Goepel), Wuester, Holzapfel, Lefranc, Mandl, Birtschansky and Bloch


May 16, 2018

Statistics on Women Art Dealers in Wikidata, Viaf, LCCN, DNB and ULAN

A cook using some bloomers to strain food, a woman faints Wellcome V0049582
Art Market Authority Files: Where are the Women?

How are Women Art Dealers represented in authority files?

To try to answer this question, we looked at a Wikidata Query for Women Art Dealers:


  • As of May 16, 2018, 124 female art dealers were referenced in Wikidata with information about their gender (female) and their occupation (art dealer)
  • Of these 124, WIKIDATA had the VIAF ID for 59, the Library of Congress IDs for 40, the GND IDs for 36 and the spouses for 20. Only 13, or about 10%, had ULAN IDs in Wikidata.
You can consult the listing in a shared Google Doc here.

Link to the Women Art Dealers Wikidata Query Results here.

It would be interesting to compare Lists of Women Art Dealers resulting from Queries in VIAF, LCCN, GND and ULAN to see if the problem stems from a lack of Authority information in WIKIDATA (the ID exists but has not been added to the Wikidata entity) or simply a lack of information about Women Art Dealers in crucial authorities.