Apr 24, 2018

WWII art looting networks: Leegenhoek

Brueghel in the Linz database. It passed through Leegenhoek's hands to Gallery Maria Almas-Dietrich. See: http://www.dhm.de/datenbank/linzdb/indexe.html

What does it mean to find "Leegenhoek" in a WWII era provenance?

The Art Looting Investigation Unit Final Report contains the following information:

Leegenhoek, M O. Paris, 1 rue de Rennes/230 blvd Raspail. Belgian national. Prominent restorer and subsequent dealer who sold extensively to Hofer, Lohse, Wendland, Wuester, Dietrich, Haberstock, Miedl, Goepel and the great majority of important German purchasers. Formerly associated with Lagrand, and connected with van der Veken and Renders in Belgium. Believed still to be in Paris. Possibly active in Wendland’s behalf.

Poumay. Paris, 27 blvd de Clichy. Dealer. Schenker documents indicate sales to German buyers. Connected with Leegenhoek.

Lagrand, Maurice. Brussels, 1/15 rue de la Regence. Partner of Leegenhoek. In contact with Lohse. Dealt with Josef Muehlmann and Herbst. Lived in Paris during latter part of the war.

Rademacher, Dr Bernard. Bonn. Assistant at the Landesmuseum, Bonn. Agent for art purchases in France. Dealt with Leegenhoek, Postma and Rochlitz. In touch with Wuester and Plietzsch.

Wuester, Adolf. Bernau, Bavaria Bonn Schloesel. Painter and amateur dealer, long-time pre-war resident of Paris. Chief agent in France for acquisition of works of art for Ribbentrop. Intimate contactws with von Behr and Lohse. Acted as expert for ERR on French 19th century painting. Appointed art adviser to the German Embassy on 16 July 1942, with the rank of Consul. Involved in two exchanges with the ERR. With Rochlitz, probably the leading intermediary for German official buyers in the Paris art market. Close contact of Bornheim, Dietrich, Bammann (among German dealers); Martin, Rademacher, Kuetgens and Goepel (among German museum buyers). Supplied with works of art primarily by Schoeller, Mandl, Leegenhoek, Raphael Gerard and Hotel Drouot. Close contact of Goetz, Rochlitz, Schoeller, Pfannstiel, Avogli-Trotti and the Duc de Trevise. Travelled in Switzerland, Sweden and Spain, purchasing works of art. Extradition requested by French Government.

Hermssen, Theo Jr (or Derek) (deceased). Paris, Entel Jersey, 5 rue de la Grande Bateliere The Hague, Zeestraat 55. Dutch dealer, resident in Paris. Acted as agent for Hildebrandt Gurlitt. Knew Engel and Ward Holzapfel. Associated with Arturo Reiss, Leegenhoek and Lagrand. Died in 1944 in Paris.

The Linz Collection Database Shows three paintings that passed through M. O. Leegenhoek's hands on their way to Hitler's Linz museum. 

Unfortunately the images published by the Deutsches Historical Museum are extremely small, and the texts only in German. Below are screenshots - since we were unable to locate direct URLs to access each record.



One wonders how families are supposed to use this database to find their lost art since the images are so small. Why not publish large, high resolution images? 

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