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Jun 20, 2023

Picasso in Museums around the world

Twenty-five years have passed since the Washington Conference on Holocaust era assets.
Yet there is still no central database of museum artworks with their provenances. Some museums - big museums, university art museums - still publish no provenance at all.
Projects are announced, appear, disappear, each separate. There is no central tracking of Nazi era provenance gaps.  The scale is enormous. The number of artworks with unclear ownership history for the Nazi era remains extremely high.

Given the enormity of the task, this post looks at the situation in museums for a single artist: Picasso.
(update ongoing)


Collection Before 1945 Image? Provenance? Nazi-era Gaps?
MoMA 659 yes sometimes yes
NGA 258 yes yes yes
Pompidou 59 yes no yes
Musée Picasso 4000+ all dates yes no unknown
Albertina 40 yes no yes
Hermitage 36 yes no yes
Fondation Beyeler 22 yes yes yes
Museums in Denmark 133 yes yes yes
UK Collections Trust 16 no yes yes
Pinakothek (Munich) 14 no no yes
Kunstmuseum Basel 66 yes NO yes
Kunstmuseum Bern 9 -on display or Gurlitt yes yes - PDF yes
Metropolitan Museum 56 yes yes yes
MFA 29 yes yes yes
DIA 21 NO yes yes
Harvard Art Museums 20 yes yes yes-11
Yale Art 35 yes yes yes
Cleveland 19 yes yes yes
Princeton Museum 6 yes NO yes
Emil Bührle Collection 5 yes yes yes
Musée d'Orsay 1 yes yes yes
Rose Art Museum 4 yes no yes


Museum of Modern Art - MoMa (USA)

Query for Picasso (all)  1246 artworks all dates

(659 artworks is an estimation, because the query picks up some other artists as well)


MFA Boston (USA)

UK Collections Trust:

Pinakothek (Munich)

Museums in Denmark

Rose Art Museum (USA)
* no provenance information *

Dec 18, 2022

2000+ Jewish emigrants in Wikipedia: DBpedia Sparql query for categories containing the words "Jewish Emigrants"

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