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Sep 12, 2023

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: no provenances for Picasso?

How can a major American museum fail to publish provenance information for European artworks created before 1933?
PhotoShort TitleDateAccNumCredit LineProvenance
Pedestal Table (Translation)192247.10.80T. Catesby Jones CollectionNO PROVENANCE
The Banjo Player (Primary Title)192147.10.81T. Catesby Jones CollectionNO PROVENANCE
The Horse (Primary Title)190185.795Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul MellonNO PROVENANCE
Head of a Peasant Woman (Former Title)190647.10.78T. Catesby Jones CollectionNO PROVENANCE
Still Life (Wineglass and Newspaper) (Primary Title)ca. 1913–447.10.83T. Catesby Jones CollectionNO PROVENANCE
Fool on Horseback (Former Title)190584.2Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul MellonNO PROVENANCE
Landscape (Translation)190747.10.79T. Catesby Jones CollectionNO PROVENANCE

May 15, 2018

Fritz Mont, Frederick Mondschein and Galerie Sanct Lucas

What does it mean to find the names Fritz Mont, Fritz Mondschein, Frederick Mondschein or Frederick Mont in the provenance of an artwork?

The Getty has a record for MONT Inc


Born in Vienna in 1894, Frederick Mont, also known as A. F.  Mondschein or Frederick Mondschein or Adolf Fritz Mondschein, emigrated to the United States in the 1930s. Mont aka Mondschein owned the Galerie Sanct Lucas and counted among his clients many US museums. He had close relationships with American dealer Victor Spark (1898-1991) and the Newhouse Galleries. Mont played an important role in the transatlantic art trade. The names Mont, Mondschein, and Sanct Lucas appear in several artworks listed on NEPIP, the Nazi Era Provenance Research Portal.

(source: Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America)
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