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Dec 31, 2018

Networks of Bruno Lohse

ALIU rendered as networks: Lohse and Loebl Red Flag Names

Is there an easy way to view looted art networks? Above is what the Red Flag Names that mention Dr. Bruno Lohse and/or Allen (Ali) Loebl look like.

One sees that several people - Manon Loebl, Dr. Hans Wendland, F Mestalet, Pierry Landry and Victor Mandl have direct links to both Dr Bruno Lohse and to Allen (Ali) Loebl.

This chart indicates merely that the Art Looting Investigation Unit described some kind of relationship. It does not tell us the nature of the relationship (although this information is in the original ALIU Red List data.) The ALIU Red Flag Name list says that Manon Loebl and Allen Loebl are brothers, but the viewer cannot see this on the chart.

Below is the network of direct connections between Red Flag Names and Walter Andreas Hofer.

What happens if we combine them?

Nov 24, 2018

Otto Wittmann's curious story

Victoria Dubourg by DEGAS at the Toledo Museum of Art

Otto Wittmann, director of the Toledo Museum of Art from 1959 to 1977,  tells the "strange story" of how paintings by Degas and Cézanne came to Toledo in his interview "The museum in the creation of community".

According to the website of the Toledo Museum of Art, William Levis donated one Degas and one Cézanne to the Museum. Could these be the same Degas and Cézanne Otto Wittmann says were loaned to the National Gallery of Art by art dealers during World War II?
see: Otto Wittmann by Wittmann, Otto, 1911-2001, interviewee; Cándida Smith, Richard, interviewer; Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, compiler; J. Paul Getty Trust, publisher

WITTMANN: "I'll tell you one strange story about the National Gallery..."