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Feb 20, 2023

Tracking Looted Art 2: Sothebys Sales of Restituted Artworks as Data

The provenances of artworks restituted to Jewish families  plundered by Nazis contain valuable information for the art historian and Holocaust scholar.

  • Which transactions occur between the seizure/sale under the Nazis and the restitution?
  • Which names appear in these transactions?
  • How often do they appear?

This post looks a a simple method for identifying the names of these buyers and sellers for further analysis. In this example, we look at the provenances of artworks sold at Sothebys after they were restituted to their original owners or their heirs.

Sep 3, 2020

César Mange de Hauke

Who was César Mange de Hauke (1900-1965)?

What was the role of this French art dealer in bringing European artworks to America?
Which artists did he handle?
Who were his clients?
Why did the Art Looting Investigation Unit put him on the Red Flag List?

de Haucke, Cesar Monge. Paris, 14 rue du Cherche-Midi. Dealer active in Paris and New York before the war. Active in Paris during the occupation; in contact with Wuester, Haberstock and Hofer; documentary evidence in Unit files.

In this post we take a look at some of Hauke's (Haucke's) transactions in the Knoedler files at the Getty Provenance Index.