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Jun 22, 2021

Bruno Lohse Nazi Art Looter Transcription of ALIU Detailed Interrogation Report NARA RG239 DIR 6

The text below is a transcription of a document in the National Archives concerning Nazi art looting that was declassified in 1975. It concerns the notorious Nazi art looter, Bruno Lohse. This Detailed Interrogation Report was written by Monuments Man and OSS Art Looting Investigation Unit member James S. Plaut in 1945. It detailed the interrogation of Nazi art looter Bruno Lohse conducted from June 15, 1945 to August 15, 1945.

NARA : copy of transcription D. I. R. # 6 - Bruno Lohse, 1945-1946 

A photocopy of the Detailed Interrogation Report Number 6 can be downloaded here: Download PDF

The text, transcribed in a digital searchable text, is below

Jun 28, 2019

Where to find provenance information about Gurlitt items

Portrait of a Seated Woman by Thomas Couture

Even today, six years after more than one thousand artworks were found in Munich in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt, son of one of Hitler's official art dealers, Hildebrand Gurlitt, remarkably little light has been shed.

Several sites list artworks from the Gurlitt "collection". However it is not always easy to obtain a file that contains all the items with their provenance. published a table in 2014 (see below), but since then the information has been updated.

For Holocaust and art provenance researchers who need Gurlitt provenance data in tabular form, here is a dataset in a public google sheet and as a CSV.

Google Sheet: Gurlitt provenance data (unites public data originally published by the Lostart Datenbank and

CSV: Gurlitt provenances CSV

(Holocaust research dataset published under Creative Commons for reuse)

Below are the sources for the dataset as well as additional sites that provide information about artworks found in Gurlitt's possession.

1. Gurlitt Case :

17 January 2014: Table of 458 Gurlitt Works of Art posted on

458 artworks are posted in a table that can be easily copied. The provenance is not in the table but can be reached via a link to the internet archive. This link no longer works but one can extract the original link within the lootedart link.  

 2. Lostart Datenbank: 

One can search on Gurlitt, and consult each record individually;jsessionid=C10BF326E6A3628D40FF28E9366A98BB.m0?nn=4084&resourceId=33792&input_=4084&pageLocale=de&templateQueryString=gurlitt&suche_typ=Global&submit=Suchen

Lost Art-Datenbank:

Modul "Provenienzrecherche":

3. Freie Universitäte Berlin Beschlagnahmeinventar "Entartete Kunst"

One can search on Gurlitt and consult records one by one.

4. Victoria and Albert Museum digitized 'Entartete Kunst'Inventory at the V&A