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Apr 6, 2020

Dataset : Museum of Fine Arts Boston Enhanced Provenance Research Dataset NEPIP PUBLIC

Dataset name: Museum of Fine Arts Boston Enhanced Provenance Research Dataset NEPIP PUBLIC

Description: This enhanced Provenance dataset has been constructed from  information available on the public internet site of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The dataset merges the list of artworks on the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal with provenance texts published on the Boston MFA detailed item pages. 
This dataset is intended to facilitate research into Holocaust-era provenance for scholars, art historians and families. 
The original and best source of information concerning provenance remains the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston public website.

Original data sources that were merged to create new dataset:

  •  NEPIP Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)

Format: Google Sheet


Download: CSV



2. About this file

3. NEPIP Artists

4. NEPIP Credit Line

5. NEPIP Provenance includes "private", "anonymous", "art market"

Publisher: OAD

Date of Publication: April 6, 2020

License: CC0

Example of content: Provenance text contains word "private", "anonymous", or "art market" 

Jun 1, 2018

Provenance Research: Paul Cailleux in NEPIP

Portrait of a Woman with a Corsage of Blue Flowers - a provenance gap?

Paul Cailleux also known as Paul de Cayeux and the Marquis de Cayeux, was the president of the French art dealers association. In 1946 his name appears on the Art Looting Investigation Unit's Red Flag list of names with the following mention:

Cailleux, Paul. Paris, 136 rue du Fbg St Honore. Dealer in contact with Rochlitz, Wuester, Frau Dietrich, Haberstock. Knew Lohse, who claims to have freed his wife from a concentration camp. Authority on 18th century French art. President of the Art Dealers Association, Paris. 

The name "Cailleux"  appears in the ownership history of numerous artworks, some of which have gaps or uncertainties in the provenance between 1933-1945.

Here are a few examples from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (not currently on view).