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Aug 27, 2020

SEVEN DATASETS: Frederick Mont or Galerie Sanct Lucas in the Provenance of Artworks

Frederick Mont (1894-1994)
was an art dealer who sold artworks to dozens of major art museums and art collectors.

Mont, originally named Fritz Mondschein, owned the Sanct Lucas Gallery. 

Mont is known to have worked with the Austrian Nazi SS art dealer and looter Bernhard Witke and was involved in selling at least two artworks looted from the Jewish collector Julius Priester, including the El Greco, Portrait of a Gentleman.

Mont also sold a forgery to Sherman Lee at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a Grunewald, but, according to the NYT, pigment tests conducted by the museum's conservator, Ross Merrill,  proved conclusively that the painting was a 20th‐century forgery.

The provenances of those artworks were falsified, with fake owners and entirely fake histories inserted into the texts. 

Art historians, provenance researchers and scholars of the Holocaust should keep this context in mind when evaluating the ownership histories that have been published for artworks that passed through Mont's hands.

Mont was not an honest man. Everything Frederick Mont or his Galerie Sanct Lucas claimed about an artwork should be considered questionable unless it is proven to be true.


Frederick Mont and Galerie Sanct Lucas in GLAMHACK2020 provenances from several museums, analysed for uncertainty, anonymity and unreliability (94 records)

Frederick Mont Sanct Lucas in Provenance Texts of Artworks at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 25 AUG 2020  



NEPIP NGA Frederick Mont and Sanct Lucas in Provenance Texts of Artworks listed on the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal by the NGA



RKD: Frederick Mont mentioned in artworks at the RKD



Kress Collection: Frederick Mont and Galerie Sanct Lucas K-codes and provenance (in Color)



Frederick Mont at Sotheby's and Christie's- PUBLIC



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Apr 10, 2020

Art Market and the Holocaust: New Questions about the Miedl Looted Art Network

Art Market and the Holocaust: New Questions about the Miedl Looted Art Network

Alois Miedl: art looter 

Miedl's network according to the Art Looting Investigation Unit Final Report of 1946 Red Flag Names List includes a number of names that appear frequently in provenances. Every one of the names below was identified as a Red Flag Name by the ALIU.

Questions for Holocaust-era art historians: Which artworks in which collections include any of these names in their provenance?

Are there gaps in the ownership history 1933-1945?

What is the appropriate action to resolve these unclear provenances?

HendricksFrankfurtDealer who did business with Miedl
LempertzCologneArt dealer who worked with MiedlBornheim once worked under him
Leegenhoek, M OParis, 1 rue de Rennes/230 blvd RaspailBelgian nationalProminent restorer and subsequent dealer who sold extensively to Hofer, Lohse, Wendland, Wuester, Dietrich, Haberstock, Miedl, Goepel and the great majority of important German purchasersFormerly associated with Lagrand, and connected with van der Veken and Renders in BelgiumBelieved still to be in ParisPossibly active in Wendland’s behalf
de Boer, PittAmsterdam, Heerengracht 512Important and active dealerPresident of the Dutch Dealers Association since Goudstikker’s deathAcquired Swiss as well as Dutch nationality early in the war, and visited Switzerland during the occupationDiscovered the first in the series of false Vermeers by van MeegerenClose contact of Hofer, Muehlmann, Posse, Voss, Lohse and Miedl
BrackAmsterdamDealerWorked with Hoogendijk and Miedl
Denijs, Frl JAmsterdam, N Spiegelstraat 32 or 29/KaisersgrachtMember of Dutch Art Dealers syndicate (Vereeniging van Handelaron in Oudo Kunst)Active during occupationIn contact with HoferAssisted Miedl in liquidation of Goudstikker firmWorked with Jan Dik Jr
Erasmus, DrHilversum Geldern bei HaarlemGerman middleman/dealer, formerly in BerlinEscaped to Holland shortly before the warIn contact with Plietzsch, Miedl, Katz, Modrczewski
Goudstikker, J (deceased)Amsterdam, Heerengracht 458The most prominent of the Dutch art dealers before the warKilled while escaping from Holland by ship at the time of the German advanceHis family escaped to AmericaHis business was taken over by Alois Miedl
HoogendijkAmsterdam, Kaizersgracht 640/Roemorvischerstraat 34Prominent dealer who sold to Miedl, Hofer, Posse, Muehlmann and Voss during the occupationClose friend of Friedlander and SchneiderContact of Nathan KatzGoering frequently visited his shop
Katz, NathanThe Hague, Lange Voorhuit 35 Dieren, bei ArnhemProminent dealerWorked principally with Hofer, Posse and Miedl, as well as Lange, Haberstock, Boehler and other German buyersTwo brothers in the Western Hemisphere: Benjamin Katz, Hotel Dauphin, New York and Abraham Katz, 18 Pietermaai, Wilhelmstad, Curacao
Paech, WalterAmsterdam, Rokin 57/Diepenbroekstraat 9German dealer-artist, resident for many years in HollandNot accepted for membership in Dutch syndicate of art dealers before the warClose contact of Wieth, Jan Dik Jr, Hofer, Miedl, Muehlmann and SchillingAlso believed to have sold to Posse
de WildThe Hague, Laan van MeerdeveertDealer-restorerSon of a well known restorerWorked for the Dienststelle MuehlmannDid business with MiedlHas a brother in the United States