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Aug 27, 2020

SEVEN DATASETS: Frederick Mont or Galerie Sanct Lucas in the Provenance of Artworks

Frederick Mont (1894-1994)
was an art dealer who sold artworks to dozens of major art museums and art collectors.

Mont, originally named Fritz Mondschein, owned the Sanct Lucas Gallery. 

Mont is known to have worked with the Austrian Nazi SS art dealer and looter Bernhard Witke and was involved in selling at least two artworks looted from the Jewish collector Julius Priester, including the El Greco, Portrait of a Gentleman.

Mont also sold a forgery to Sherman Lee at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a Grunewald, but, according to the NYT, pigment tests conducted by the museum's conservator, Ross Merrill,  proved conclusively that the painting was a 20th‐century forgery.

The provenances of those artworks were falsified, with fake owners and entirely fake histories inserted into the texts. 

Art historians, provenance researchers and scholars of the Holocaust should keep this context in mind when evaluating the ownership histories that have been published for artworks that passed through Mont's hands.

Mont was not an honest man. Everything Frederick Mont or his Galerie Sanct Lucas claimed about an artwork should be considered questionable unless it is proven to be true.


Frederick Mont and Galerie Sanct Lucas in GLAMHACK2020 provenances from several museums, analysed for uncertainty, anonymity and unreliability (94 records)

Frederick Mont Sanct Lucas in Provenance Texts of Artworks at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 25 AUG 2020  



NEPIP NGA Frederick Mont and Sanct Lucas in Provenance Texts of Artworks listed on the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal by the NGA



RKD: Frederick Mont mentioned in artworks at the RKD



Kress Collection: Frederick Mont and Galerie Sanct Lucas K-codes and provenance (in Color)



Frederick Mont at Sotheby's and Christie's- PUBLIC



Linked Data References for Frederick Mont or Galerie Sanct Lucas

Wikidata: Q33315010 

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Union List of Artist Names ID: 500437571 

WorldCat Identities IDlccn-no2007138555


RKDartists ID: 431910

Oct 31, 2019

DATASET MOMA Provenance Research Project (PRP) artworks

Dataset name: Enhanced MoMA PRP

Description: This enhanced Provenance dataset has been constructed from  information available on the public internet site of the Museum of Modern Art MoMA. It merges the list of artworks on the MoMa Provenance Research Project page with provenance texts published on the MoMA's detailed item pages. It is intended to facilitate research into Holocaust-era provenance for scholars, art historians and families. 

Original data sources that were merged to create new dataset:

Format: Google Sheet


Download: CSV

1. PRP Artworks with provenance 
(Artist,Title,Date,Medium,Dimensions,URL,Acc_Number,Department,Provenance,Publisher of Provenance,Author of Provenance)
2. About this file
3. Artists Count (pivot table with number of artworks by artists)
4. Department (pivot table with number of artworks by department)
5. Provenance text contains word "private" (pivot table with filter)
6. Provenance text contains name "Valentin" (pivot table with filter)
7. Provenance text contains the word "probably" (pivot table with filter)

Publisher: OAD

Date of Publication: October 31, 2019

Example of content: Provenance text contains word "private"

Selection of artworks listed on the MoMA Provenance Research Project that contain the word "private" in the provenance text published on the museum website