Nov 18, 2018

Allen Loebl

"LOEBL was LOHSE's adviser and intermediary in a substantial number of transactions, and "spotted" pictures for him"

Who Was Allen Loebl? (Also: Ali Loebl) What was his role at Galerie Kleinberger in Paris? What was his relationship with Harry G. Sperling at F. Kleinberger & Co. in New York? What were his relations with the Nazi and SS ERR art looter Bruno Lohse? Why did he appear so many times on the Art Looting Investigation Unit Red Flag list?

In a previous post we listed some of the mentions of Kleinberger.

In an upcoming series of posts we will look at what investigators and historians have said about Loebl, and the contexts in which his name appears.


Series II.F. Kleinberger & Co., Inc. records, 1906-1971, bulk 1936-1970

Ardelia Hall Collection National Archives

Provenance riddles at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal

Dans les ténèbres du docteur Lohse

ALIU Detailed Interrogation Report: Hans WENDLAND, 18 September 1946

Le trésor du "pilleur attitré" de Göring découvert dans une banque en Suisse
L'historien d'art Bruno Lohse volait des toiles de maîtres pour le chef nazi. - Le Monde (French)

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