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Sep 13, 2018

DATASET Art Dealers as Linked Open Data

URIs for Art Dealers with matching IDs

One of the first steps in implementing linked open data for art history is to identity the individuals or "entities" mentioned in art history books, sales catalogs and provenance information and to match them to IDs from authorities such as libraries, LOD data hubs and other serious institutions.

Below is a list of art dealers with URIs in both DBpedia and Wikidata. In addition matching IDs for VIAF, ULAN, DNB, BNF, LCCN and other resources have been listed where available. This list is taken from a federated Sparql query* and run on September 13, 2018. The Query can be reused and adapted here.

Download the CSV file (2018)


Download the JSON file (2018)

This list is highly selective: If the art dealer does not exist in BOTH DBpedia AND Wikidata he or she does not appear.

More datasets with URIs will be published separately, starting with art dealers for which URIs exist in resources other than DBpedia, and continuing on to other actors in the art world (art collectors, art historians, art museum directors, etc...)


* a big thank you to the developer