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Reportedly found in - a sampling of interesting provenances

What does "reportedly found in" mean when it appears in a provenance text for an artworks or antiquity?

Below are a few sample texts.

(Texts published by museums are indicated by color.)

Urlsample text is perhaps likely that two handaxes reportedly found in Savernake may have also originated from this... could be built around attempting to provenance the... févr. 1970 · Greece had been cited among the countries from where the gold hoard, reportedly found in... provenance can be abso lutely certified.” Share full... set was reportedly found in the early twentieth century at the tomb of a Western Zhou aristocrat in Shaanxi province and subsequently entered the... found in the Malay Peninsula. Collection of Mr. Knight in Malaysia in 1950s and transferred to the UK in the 1960s on his retirement. Booy. (1913:5) acquired the duho in 1912: it was reportedly found in an open cave near. Spring Point (Table 2). Keegan (1983:74-. 75, 123) was unable to... of the Collection of Frederick and Jan Mayer Unknown artist, Reportedly found in Costa Rica. Olmec-Style Pendant in the Form of a Hand, 800–600 BCE. Research · Google Arts... Provenance: (Possibly Le Brun sale, Paris, April... Notes: [1] Reportedly found in an antique shop in York in the 1930s. Prior to 1965, provenance not yet documented;before 1965, reportedly found in Tabasco, Mexico;by April 10, 1965, acquired by Teochita, Inc., New... Archaeological provenance not documented, reportedly found in a vineyard outside of Rome, Italy;by 1962, acquired by Mary Olcott of Ridgefield... when acquired was stated to be the Nishapur district of Iranian Khurasan.... provenance) · Curtis... This piece was reportedly found in the Nishapur... buckets reportedly found in Luristan exist in other collections... It also raises the possibility that undecorated examples lacking archaeological... of a small standing Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion (Fig. 1). This delicate sculpture, reportedly found in southern Thailand, has... found in Syria not far from her... The head, reportedly found in Syria not far from her hometown, would... 24. Henry Lie (submitted 1997). Provenance. found in Syria not far from her... The head, reportedly found in Syria not far from her... Provenance. Recorded Ownership History: D. Kelekian... mars 2012 · The treasure was reportedly found in the... provenance of these objects–like virtually... As for its provenance, the museum could only say... found in what is now Liaoning province, China. This large... provenance in a single quarry at Batuyingzi in Liaoning Province, China. They... and Provenance Research. +;Exhibitions... Collecting and Provenance Research · Exhibitions... Although this pair of earspools was reportedly found in... figure is in the Jaina style, named for an island in the Gulf of Mexico where many were reportedly found in burials.... Nazi-Era Provenance. ©2022 Dumbarton... juil. 2021 · India (reportedly found in Amreli, Gujarat). Signet ring with an inscription (circa seventh century). Private collection. Reported by the vendor to have been found in the Las Chuapas... reportedly found in the Las Choapas region (see Medellin Zenil, 1971: 19, 45... provenance, was shown to the team. The exact... The artifacts in this report were reportedly found in a white bucket in one of the structures on. found in Hapcheon, Korea, PeriodThree Kingdoms period, 6th century, Acquisition/Ownership/Accession NumberGift of the... found in Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea, PeriodThree Kingdoms period (Gaya), 5th century, Acquisition/Ownership/Accession... Reportedly found in "Vet's Field, Eastern end, near pithole", 20 February 2020. Subject to 20% VAT on Buyer's Premium. For more information please... M Vosper, January 2007 ~ Reportedly found in Kent ~ [EMC 2008.0075 = BNJ Coin Register 2008, no. 75] Subject to 20% VAT on Buyer's Premium. Not... Reportedly found in the Caucasus region in the 1920s together with the following lot, lot 123. European private collection since the early 1970s... Reportedly found in the early 1800s in the present owner's ancestral home in Rensselear County, New York. Condition. Very fine condition. Original... avr. 2018 · Note: Reportedly found in the Aomori Prefecture area of Japan. Provenance: The property of Laurent Adamowicz. more... Lot Details... avr. 2018 · Provenance: The property of Laurent Adamowicz.... Provenance: The property of... Note: Reportedly found in the Aomori Prefecture area of Japan. obsidian biface reportedly found in the Connecticut River valley... History. An obsidian biface reportedly found in... Source provenance and lithic technologic..., we report a case in which a rodent was reportedly found in a beer can by a consumer. The consumer was located in New Jersey, USA while the bottling... Boulanger et al. Analysis of an obsidian biface reportedly found in the Connecticut River valley of Vermont. Archaeol. Eastern North America. (2007). R.D.... possibly refers to the Arroyo Pesquero finds of the 1960s, when numerous masks, celts and other items, were reportedly found in the Las Choapas region. possibly refers to the Arroyo Pesquero finds of the 1960s, when numerous masks, celts and other items, were reportedly found in the Las Choapas region. found in. situ with a number of bovid and equid teeth by Cap-. tain Scale. No speci c date is mentioned for the col-. lection, but Scale was..., this time carnelian piece with similar dating was reportedly found in...... reportedly found in Bang Kluai Nok.... Borell emphasizes, its provenance... nov. 2014 · Reportedly found in 1901 at Doujitai, Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China. Duan Fang Chinese(until d. 1911);by descent in the Duan Fang family... févr. 2018 · Provenance: Reportedly found in Virginia;Jackie Radwin, San Antonio, Texas;to a private Massachusetts collection. Estimate $3,000-5,000... montrent que le spécimen est à l'évidence moderne et gracile, en provenance... reportedly found in the same burial. Unfortunately, Ewing (47) provides... of the Gold[link]. Mortuary Practices... reportedly found in Sélayar[link];Fig. 3. Eye and... The Provenance of the Gold. Nearly all of the ancient... found in the Surkhan Darya region. (anciebtvṢaglaginyan). Two specimens are posted on [Zamar#]1134â& Uillwand, two a private... févr. 2014 · Shawl, call number H 6806, donated to the Ohio Historical Society by poet Langston Hughes.... The shawl was reportedly found in the mud after the... found in the Connecticut River Valley" Archaeology of Eastern... "Archaeometry at the University of Missouri Research Reactor and the provenance... mars 2023 · Provenance. Reportedly found in Colchester 1982. Bt 1983. Back to Catalogue. Sell With Us. If you're interested in selling and you'd like a... juin 2023 ·... provenance. Combined with existing research... provenance, production, distribution... Vertical necked (wide) vessels are reportedly found in... avr. 2023 · Dolomite has been reportedly found in a... Provenance discrimination of freshwater... Provenance discrimination of freshwater pearls by LA... janv. 2020 ·... provenance of these beads. Indeed, the small quantities of 'Roman' glass... In 2017, a substantial set of ancient coins was reportedly found in... samples were reportedly found in the same animal.... Twenty-six natural freshwater pearls reportedly found in... Provenance discrimination of freshwater... found in Western Mesopotamia, the motif of this fine large stamp... Provenance: Gustav Oberländer (1926-2012), Oberländer aquired his massive and... ex private collection mr. E.C. (Mechelen, BE);reportedly found in the river Dijle in the early 1970's. References: “Les Méreaux des Brasseurs d...'s provenance.... group. The Avola Hoard, reportedly found in. 1914... 3. (1999): 293-297. 2. Some scholars have chosen to differentiate be tween the terms... stone is of good quality, one of a type far from uncommnon, and was reportedly found in 'the district of Samaria.... ' The provenance is hardly sufficient... mai 2024 · 800-carat rough reportedly found in the... Provenance, in the sense of “previous... provenance #marieantoinette #royal #royaljewellery... Palaeolithic handaxes were reportedly found in Aldeby during the early 20th century.... provenance. REPORTED DISCOVERIES Pre December 1905. Stray Find... majority range in date from the 9th to the 15th centuries CE and were reportedly found in the caves of Samangan province in northern Afghanistan. They... “fingerprint” diamonds for provenance, the final morning session... tor a 192 ct piece of tsavorite that was reportedly found in the tailings of... found in Petelia (present-day Strongoli, Italy). Trustees at the British Museum, London, GR 1843, 0724.3. Explore three inscribed gold tablets... Reportedly found in a barn in Upstate New York. REFERENCE. Ewers, 1939, pl. 23. Predominantly created by male artists, figurative paintings on robes... found in the vicinity of Jerusalem.” However, according to... provenance no. 7818 · Index of personal names · Maps · Key to locations · Subjects. mars 2021 · Provenance: L Chaplin, April 2011. Reportedly found in Yorkshire. Unlike the famous Æthelred II the Unready of all England (966-1016)... Lot also includes a postcard from the 1903 I Summi Pontefici Cartoline Postale Illustrate series. Reportedly found in Wiltshire. Estimate: 100 USD... 13... Lot also includes a postcard from the 1903 I Summi Pontefici Cartoline Postale Illustrate series. Reportedly found in Wiltshire. Estimate: 100 USD... 13... reportedly found in Champagne, France. (Paul Mallon, Paris). Exhibition history. Inaugural Exhibition. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH... ex private collection (NL);sold with hand-written collector's label (misclassified as Edward IV reign);reportedly found in Elst (Gelderland... provenance, see J. S. Jensen, 'Propaganda for... Reportedly found in East Anglia, before 1993.... The coin's find-spot and provenance are not known. Held by... janv. 2020 · Four ear pendants similar to the Pangkung Paruk examples, and reportedly found in Java, are housed in Dutch museum collections (Malleret... found in Afghanistan' (p.63). The provenance of each piece, as far as it is known, is included in the catalogue. Yet although the author presents... found in Upper Egypt, although no more detailed provenance was available. Photo credit: © UCL Art Museum, University College London / Bridgeman... Ex Berkshire private collection... An outstanding collection of flint arrowheads reportedly found in 1810... Provenance: Ex Berkshire private... from a certain site is concerned. 1 My... reportedly found in the river sand of the Gin... provenance of the aes coin of the Antonine dynasty... of the metal is given. Depending on... provenance. his lack of... 3 Beads from the Lopburi Artillery site in central hailand were reportedly found in... Archaeological provenance not yet documented, probably from Thebes, Egypt;before 1848, reportedly found in a house on the bank of the Nile... Late Bronze Age bronze socketed axe reportedly found in the vicinity of Whitstable. Like others with a Whitstable provenance (see associated records), it... Romano-British lead coffin, reportedly found in 1838 opposite St. Mary's... (4) No information as to the exact provenance or present whereabouts of the lead... provenance: Eric Wichman / Michael Miller.... The two pieces, 20 metres apart, were reportedly found in... Immediate provenance of the slab and the... déc. 2012 · The objects were reportedly found in 2008 in a field near the village of Everbeek (in the municipality of Brakel, province of East Flanders[1]). other metal objects reportedly found in 1986 on a... determination has been used to study the provenance... group is found, and no information on the... to help identify possible provenance. The... Four ear pendants similar to the Pangkung. Paruk examples, and reportedly found in Java, are housed in Dutch... 35.17 oz. Provenance: Santa Clara River, Rye Canyon. Catalog No: LW.SCV3807. Grinding stone, reportedly found in the 1950s along the Santa Clara River... or both to various... lector Brent Ashworth) were, reportedly, found in the same envelope.... His sales slip became a provenance. On March 25... two axeheads of Shetland riebeckite-felsite (NMS X.AF 40 and 41) were reportedly found in... provenance information. The discovery of axeheads in a cairn is..., NMQR 389 has been reportedly found in the Lystrosaurus Assemblage... provenance and address if it is reworked from underlying late Permian strata. juil. 2023 · Finds of uncertain materials or provenance were not included in the list.... Early medieval dogwood and maple shafts were reportedly found in the... provenance information for 7 LSA sites from the Central Rift Valley,... Wilshaw, A (2012) Updated provenance... a), which was reportedly found in situ... study. General rights. Access to the... provenance study. Christopher David Standish. A dissertation... reportedly found in association with two gold... any parallels) were reportedly found in room 33 of the baths (see... The new finds help us to understand the provenance in the villa of the fresco... if the provenance from the claimed site is... reportedly found in Phu. Khao Thong. This case the... Borell emphasizes, its provenance from the site is not... found in the sepulchrum, or altar tomb, of St. Amandus. According... Provenance: St. Peter's Church, Salzburg;Mrs. Paul Mallon, Paris. Home... ring, shown in Figure 12, was reportedly found in a pre-Islamic grave in Goa. It is a beautiful example of a type of Javanese ring known as a. 'bee' ring., State, Photographs. Coin · GM-DCA-PB-1224863, Reportedly found in village Satiawala, thana Sadar, Dist. Fzpr, 4 km off the Fzpr-Moga road in the... mai 2024 · Arrowheads with well-documented provenance... An outstanding collection of flint arrowheads reportedly found in 1810.... provenance, and demand. is taken to exclude a Qumran provenance.)... another provenance of the fragments, or the possibility of forgery.... which was reportedly found in the same... description: reportedly found in Champagne, France. (Paul Mallon, Paris).;footnotes: None;date: None. Gift of the John Huntington Art and... avr. 2023 · In this study, we examined a natural pearl reportedly found in... Dolomite has been reportedly found in a... Provenance discrimination of... beads from the Lopburi Artillery site in Central Thailand were reportedly found in a pre-Dvaravati context (Bennett 1988a: 37;1988b);hammered sheet... août 2021 · Lastly, Ag (as impurity) and As, detected in dagger 1, are also reportedly found in... provenance studies of copper oxide ingots. of this ivory is not known, the recess in the top of... reportedly found in the oldest part of the Abydos temple... provenance. The two sculptures are... févr. 2021 · Few jewels boast the excitement, glamor, and provenance of the renowned La Peregrina.... Reportedly found in the gulf of Panama in the 16th...'Ostie.jpgEnglish: Outdoor banquet mosaic Reportedly found in Ostia, fourth century A.D. 58.4 x 58.1 cm. The Detroit Institute of Arts, 54.492. Date, 14 juin 2011. résolutions: 148 × 240 pixels | 297 × 480 pixels | 993 × 1 605 pixels. Fichier d'origine... The famous Kunz Axe, reportedly found in the hills of Oaxaca... type="found" subtype="discovered" pReportedly found in date when="1886"1886/date in a graveyard outside the Porta Salaria between the Via... provenance studies provide an excellent means to address these issues.... Analysis of an Obsidian Biface Reportedly Found in... Glascock. An obsidian... juil. 2014 · reportedly found in auriferous sediments, which do not... Provence: FR. ANOM... implications sur l'origine des kimberlites et é clogites... found in the Ghoumel River, near Constantine (Algeria).... provenance on geomorphological grounds. Although... origine des kimberlites et éclogites... the ban came into effect4 and cat fur was reportedly found in shops in the UK5.... product and give information on country or origin and welfare provenance... statue was reportedly found in 1902 in a tomb at Puteoli (present-day... provenance. Provenance1902: found in 1902 at Pozzuoli, in a ruined, vaulted... to Telesarchos from the funeral game at the Erion." A third discus reportedly found in... ProvenanceBefore 1928: Edward Perry Warren Collection;by... juin 2016 · Byzantine solidi were often imitated in Central Asia in the form of thin gold foil ornaments–reportedly found in... provenance,” find spot or... but reportedly found in Seville Harbor during the installation of a fiber-optic cable across the river. ©2001 - 2024 Collectors Society | Legal... a certain provenance, Riederer did detect a trend which... Provenance studies have suggested that... Thailand were reportedly found in a pre-Dvaravati... recently studied a natural pearl from a mollusc of the Cassis species containing granular central structures, which had reportedly found in. Indonesian... Flags in Paris: Half of Sotheby's Barbier-Mueller Pre-Colombian Sale Lacks Provenance... provenance before 1970.... The treasure was reportedly found in the... bears the number KA, FeG09 and was reportedly found in the sandal of... In terms of provenance, while the text was found in the Fag el-Gamous ceme- tery... nov. 2019 · In the field book, the papyrus bears the number KA, FeG09 and was reportedly found in the sandal of burial no.... In terms of provenance... cup of this type was reportedly found in. Tomb 7, and an Attic red... KLAKOWICZ, Il Museo Civico Archeologico di Orvieto: la sua origine e le sue vicende... is fairly well known. 1. NUMBERS FROM 1 TO 50. This ostracon was reportedly found in ancient quarries next to road from el-... provenance of the... From the Konrad Daniel... Provenance: From the Konrad Daniel Soergel Collection Reportedly found in circulation in Germany in the early 20th century. Estimate: $1000 - $2000. EXTREMELY FINE Provenance: From the Stanley Aberdeen Collection. Reportedly found in a well ca. 1834. PCGS# 778363. found in this area, such as the questionable silver vessels sold to museums or acquired by collectors after being supposedly found in unclear. déc. 2020 · This piece along with several others were reportedly found in the... Provenance: reportedly from tomb of Don Arnaldo de Gurb, Bishop of... mars 2024 · Ogundiran, A. Pottery, Link to download. 2007. Analysis of an Obsidian Biface Reportedly Found in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont. compounds (Curcacycline A) with anitumor activities were reportedly found in this plant.... provenance. Plant Food Hum Nutr. 53;1999: 183–192. 2. Openshaw... found in nearby Leander, but whose exact provenance is uncertain (Ehlmann and Keil, 1985). Travis County (a) Ten specimens cataloged by Huss as... of this collection, though it was reportedly found in northwestern Iran. The documents so far examined by Philippe Gignoux appear to be economic... authenticity and provenance of. Zapotec urns... The piece was reportedly found in a tomb with three... provenance of an artifact. Also, the PIXE test... article stated that a sheepherder by the name of Doyle brought sapphires to Roundup that he reportedly found in... Garland, M.I., 2002, Provenance of the... janv. 2012 · origine indo-iranienne restent... found in Karia.2 Besides the provenances, she also pointed out... With no provenance at his disposal, Six considered the two-letter legend to be... Herakleion. Both specimens, reportedly found in Herakleion, were examined and photographed in May 1967. 6. Collection of Nikolaos Metaxas... epitaph of unknown provenance recording a burial near the tomb... Probably 4th c. E05385, Marble statue of a person seated on a throne, reportedly found in...

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