Jun 28, 2022

Derain in the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal

Numerous artworks by André Derain have been listed by American museums on NEPIP, the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal

This post contains a list of NEPIP artworks by Derain with the title, accession number and museum collection.

Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal, André Derain

Head of a WomanDrawingpencil on paperArkansas Arts Center1985.002.015
Seated NudeGraphic ArtlithographArkansas Arts Center1980.035.00a
CagnesPaintingOil on canvasArt Institute of Chicago1960.777
Landscape in ProvencePaintingOil on cradled panelArt Institute of Chicago1947.67
Ballet DancerPaintingOil on canvasArt Institute of Chicago1947.66
Head of a WomanPaintingN/ABaltimore Museum of Art1950.209
In the StudioPaintingN/ABaltimore Museum of Art1950.208
Landscape with Two NudesPaintingN/ABaltimore Museum of Art1951.288
Reclining NudeDrawingN/ABaltimore Museum of Art1950.12.662
LandscapePaintingOil on canvas;12 11/16 x 16 in.Brooklyn Museum of Art39.273
LandscapePaintingOil on canvas;13 1/16 x 16 1/16 in.Brooklyn Museum of Art43.80
Portrait of an EnglishwomanPaintingoil on canvasCarnegie Museums of Pittsburgh40.2
Head of a GirlPaintingFrontal portrait of a woman with short black hair. She wears earrings, a necklace of large beads, and a shawl around her shoulders.Cincinnati Art Museum1967.1073
The Three BasketsPaintingStill life depicting three baskets filled with fruit, a table, and a bench. ACincinnati Art Museum1941.6
The Houses of Parliament from Westminster BridgePaintingN/ACleveland Museum of Art1983.67
Portrait of Maud WalterPaintingOil on board (cradled), FrenchColumbus Museum of Art1991.001.012
LandscapePaintingDallas Museum of Art2000.280.FA
NudeDrawingConte crayon and red chalk on paperEli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State60.1.20
A Shady LaneDrawingWash on paperEli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State61.1.23
FlowersPaintingOil on canvasHarvard University Art Museums1971.141
Head of a WomanPaintingoil on canvasIndiana University Art Museum91.25
Canal, FrancePaintingOil on canvasIris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts1962.255
Still Life with FruitPaintingOil on canvasIris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts1984.236
Head of a Young GirlPaintingOil on canvas, portrait of young woman looking off to the sideMcNay Art Museum1950.34
Fishing Boats, ColliourePaintingOil on canvasMetropolitan Museum of Art1982.179.29
Pitcher and DishesPaintingOil on canvasMetropolitan Museum of Art64.27.15
Regent Street, LondonPaintingOil on canvasMetropolitan Museum of Art1999.363.18
Rita van LeerPaintingN/AMetropolitan Museum of Art67.187.63
The Artist in his StudioDrawingN/AMetropolitan Museum of Art2002.456.25
The Black Feather BoaPaintingN/AMetropolitan Museum of Art2002.456.10
The Sunken Path, L'EstaquePaintingN/AMetropolitan Museum of Art2003.253
The TablePaintingOil on canvasMetropolitan Museum of Art54.79
Woman with Round EarringsGraphic ArtLithograph, 38/100Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington U.WU 3693
Two Roses in a Glass VasePaintingStill life, ca.1927-1928;oil on canvas, 41.5 x 33 cm (16 3/8 x 13). Pink rose and white rose in glass goblet;taupe-colored background.Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design42.216
Genevieve Taillade in an Orange JacketPaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston48.536
Landscape in Southern FrancePaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston48.535
Fishing Boats, Collioure [Barques de pêche à Collioure]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art100.58
Head of a Woman [Buste de femme]PaintingOil on woodMuseum of Modern Art2520.67
Italian Woman [Buste de l’Italienne]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art31.47
L'Estaque [Paysage à l’Estaque]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art6.51
Landscape near Cassis [Paysage aux environs de Cassis]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art278.49
Landscape, Provence [Paysage de Provence]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art454.37
London Bridge [Le Pont de Londres]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art195.52
Madame Derain in Green [Portrait de Madame Derain]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art143.42
Martigues [Paysage aux Martigues]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art1234.64
Poplars [Paysage aux peupliers]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art128.47
Still Life with a Blue HatPaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art174.67
Three Trees [Sous-bois aux environs de Saint-Rémy-de-Provence]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art302.47
Torso [Nu assis]PaintingOil on cardboardMuseum of Modern Art1638.40
Valley of the Lot at Vers [La Vallée du Lot]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art262.39
Window at Vers [Vers (Lot): Nature morte devant la fenêtre]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art631.39
Bathers [Baigneuses]PaintingOil on canvasMuseum of Modern Art683.80
Charing Cross Bridge, LondonPaintingarchitecture, United Kingdom, exterior;Bridge;Charing Cross Bridge;England;LondonNational Gallery of Art1982.76.3
Head of a WomanDrawingfigure, female;BustNational Gallery of Art1991.35.1
Mountains at ColliourePaintingtopographical, France;Collioure;LandscapeNational Gallery of Art1982.76.4
Road in ProvencePaintingtopographical, France;Landscape;ProvenceNational Gallery of Art1970.17.28
Still LifePaintingstill life;FoodNational Gallery of Art1963.10.131
Still LifePaintingstill life;FoodNational Gallery of Art1972.9.10
Study for Still LifeDrawingn/aNational Gallery of Art2003.107.1.a
Study for the Portrait of Marie HarrimanDrawingn/aNational Gallery of Art2003.108.1
View of the ThamesPaintingtopographical, United Kingdom;Thames River;WaterwayNational Gallery of Art1985.64.12
Woman in a ChemisePaintingportrait, femaleNational Gallery of Art1963.10.73
Woman's HeadDrawingn/aNational Gallery of Art2002.157.12
Abandoned House in ProvencePaintingarchitecture, France, exterior;Domestic;ProvenceNational Gallery of Art1970.17.29
Guitar PlayerPaintingOil on canvasNelson-Atkins Museum of Art46-69
Female NudeDrawingFigure | Female | NudeNewark Museum58.37
PortraitPaintingPortrait | ManNewark Museum57.4
Portrait of a WomanPaintingPortrait | FemaleNewark Museum60.529
Isabel LambertPaintingportrait, Isabel LambertNorth Carolina Museum of ArtG.55.9.1
Head of a GirlPaintingOil on canvasNorton Museum of Art41.13
Composition ClassiquePaintingOil on boardOklahoma City Museum of Art2002.005
Portrait of Young LadyPaintingca. 1920s;oil on canvasPalm Springs Art Museum3-2008
Tete de FemmeGraphic ArtlithographPalm Springs Art Museum74-1979.16
Head of a Young WomanPaintingOil on canvasPhillips Collection0499
Still LifePaintingPitcher and cup sitting on a crumpled clothPortland Art Museum2000.44
Still LifePaintingOil on canvasPrinceton University Art Museumy1952-80
GuitaristPaintingoil on paperSaint Louis Art Museum318:1951
At the Suresnes BallPaintingoil on canvasSaint Louis Art Museum172:1944
Head of a GirlPaintingBust-portrait of dark-haired womanSan Diego Museum of Art1936:44
Jars and FruitPaintingoil on canvasSmith College Museum of ArtSC 1947-15-1
Woman with a HatPaintingOil on cradled wood panelSmithsonian Institution86.1431
Portrait of a Young ManPaintingportrait;manSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum59.1548
Landscape (Previous title: Landscape at Carrières-Saint-Denis)PaintingOil on canvasToledo Museum of Art1951.379
DancersPaintingoil on canvasWorcester Art Museum1943.8


Beschlagnahmeinventar "Entartete Kunst", "Degenerate Art" Research Center, FU Berlin

The Beschlagnahmeinventar "Entartete Kunst", "Degenerate Art" Research Center, FU Berlin lists nine Derains. Unfortunately there is only one image.



The German Lost Art Foundations shows 17 hits for André Derain

However most do not have images

The ERR Cultural Plunder by the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg:
Database of Art Objects at the Jeu de Paume shows 45 entries for Derain

more reading about Derain and Nazi looted art

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Art collection stolen by the Nazis to return to its rightful owners

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