May 30, 2021

Gurlitt: The scandal continues

When an art historian sees the Gurlitt name in any text, the first thought should be: is it a lie?

Collecting Point Wiesbaden, Gurlitt Collection List of Artworks Archives Fold3 

Hildebrand Gurlitt (33 pages)

(partial page, the list goes on and on)

A opportunist  a looter and a liar, Hildebrand Gurlitt played a crucial role in Nazi art looting. His whole family was involved. Lying about the origins of paintings, lying about how they obtained the artworks, lying about the destruction of artworks, lying about the Gurlitt's role obtaining artworks for Hitler's museum, lies, lies lies. 

When an art historian sees the Gurlitt name in any text, the first thought should be: is it a lie?

All items with the exception of No. 2004/4 and 2004/5 as mentioned in this list are herewith released to the owner Dr. H. Gurlitt, Düsseldorf, Cäcilien-Allee 75.

Wiesbaden, December 15, 1950



Cultural Property Adviser

The Scandal of Gurlitt just goes on and on. Opaque. Impossibly slow. With pathetically poor results. 

Seriously, it's time for investigative journalists to get involved.

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Investigations Göring-Gurlitt, 116 pages starting at

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  Additional Documents relating to Hildebrand Gurlitt found in the Records of the Office of Military Government for Bavaria March 20, 2014 By Ncurrie, Posted In Military Records, Monuments Men, World War II, written by Dr. Greg Bradsher, Senior Archivist at the National Archives in College Park.

Research wraps on Gurlitt trove leaving “very large gray area”

Changes to Limbach Commission Announced, Real Change Now Seems Out of Reach 

The Devil and the Art Dealer

She Tracked Nazi-Looted Art. She Quit When No One Returned It.

Documents Reveal How Looted Nazi Art Was Restored to Dealer

Lost Art-Datenbank: Gurlitt

Datenbank zum "Central Collecting Point München" Schnellsuche Gurlitt

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