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Jun 6, 2017

Publishing open linked data: Tableminer and Austrian data portals

In this interesting paper, Tomas Knap looks at using Tableminer+ to help transform CSV files from Austrian data portals, and, into Linked Open Data.

"To leverage CSV files to Linked Data3 , it is necessary to 1) classify CSV columns based on its content and context against existing knowledge bases 2) assign RDF terms (HTTP URLs, blank nodes and literals) to the particular cell values according to Linked Data principles (HTTP URL identifiers may be reused from one of the existing knowledge bases), 3) discover relations between columns based on the evidence for the relations in the existing knowledge bases, and 4) convert CSV data to RDF data properly using data types, language tags, well-known Linked Data vocabularies, etc" - 
from: "Increasing Quality of Austrian Open Data by Linking them to Linked Data Sources: Lessons Learned?" by Tomas Knap, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,  Czech Republic, Semantic Web Company, Vienna, Austria
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