Jan 15, 2018

Amazing Wikidata Timelines

Wikidata has timelines built into its queries. (See above for "People who died by burning")

First of all, this is incredible and amazing and insanely powerful.

Secondly, this means that a number of persnickety constraints must be respected for this tool to work.

What are these constraints?

The creation, in Wikidata, of "events".

Populated with all the appropriate information, like

TitleIDData typeDescriptionExamplesInverse
locationP276Itemlocation: location of the item, physical object or event is within. In case of an administrative entity use P131. In case of a distinct terrain feature use P706.Bardo National Museum attack <location> Bardo National Museum-
organizerP664Itemorganizer: person or institution organizing an eventATP World Tour <organizer> Association of Tennis Professionals-
participantP710Itemperson, group of people or organization (object) that actively takes/took part in the event (subject). Preferably qualify with "object has role" (P3831). Use P1923 for team participants.2010 FIFA World Cup <participant> Denmark national football teamparticipant of
public holidayP832Itempublic holiday: official public holiday that occurs in this place in its honor, usually a non-working dayBelarus <public holiday> Radonitsa-
attendanceP1110Quantitynumber of people (spectators, ticket holders) at an event or exhibitionBerwick Run for the Diamonds <attendance> 1985-
winnerP1346Itemwinner: winner of an event - do not use for wars or battles2010 FIFA World Cup <winner> Spain national football teamvictory and award received
number of missingP1446Quantitynumber of people missing after an event - qualify with "point in time (P585)"2013 Lushan earthquake <number of missing> 23-
has immediate causeP1478Itemnearest, proximate thing that directly resulted in the subject as outcome or effect. Used in conjunction with 'has cause' (i.e. underlying cause) and 'has contributing factor'. See 'Help:Modeling causes'.Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event <has immediate cause> starvation and impact winterimmediate cause of
has contributing factorP1479Itemthing that significantly influenced, but did not directly cause, this outcome or effect. Used in conjunction with 'has cause' and 'has immediate cause'. See 'Help:Modeling causes'.American Civil War <has contributing factor> caning of Charles Sumnercontributing factor of
end causeP1534Itemend cause: qualifier to use together with the end date qualifier (P582) to specify the cause→ Property talk:P1534-
used byP1535Itemuser: item or concept that makes use of the subject (use sub-properties when appropriate)remote control unit <used by> TV-watcheruses
immediate cause ofP1536Itemimmediate cause of this effectAmerican Civil War <immediate cause of> assassination of Abraham Lincolnhas immediate cause
contributing factor ofP1537Itemthing that is significantly influenced by this cause, but does not directly result from it. See 'Help:Modeling causes' for examples and discussion.obesity <contributing factor of> heart diseasehas contributing factor
frequency of eventP2257Quantityrecurring: standard nominal interval between scheduled or regularly recurring events. Use with unit of time, sample: year (Q577).Olympic Games <frequency of event> 4 year-

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