Art Data Test Scripts

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A series of Test Scripts will enable testers in different locations to follow the same procedure so that results are comparable.

Example of a NEPIP-based Test Script:

Test Script:
1. Go to the Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal (NEPIP)
2. Click on Participating Museums
3. Search for [the museum you want to test]
4. Test Link from NEPIP to the  [the museum you want to test]
5. Return to NEPIP and Click on items
6. Click on More Information to obtain Accession Number
7. Google "Search Collections" to find the museum site
8. Paste the Accession Number in Search Collections
9. View result, verify whether provenance information is visible
10. Repeat for other items in NEPIP for [the museum you want to test]
11. Google search for other possible sources of information: Provenance Research Project, for example

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