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Apr 27, 2019

Art Market Networks of Adolf Wuester during the Nazi occupation of Paris

The ALIU mentioned these people, places and organisations in its entry for Adolf Wuester in the 1946 Final Report
There are several ways to view Adolf Wuester's art market networks as described in the Art Looting Investigation Unit Red Flag List of Names.

1. All the contacts mentioned in the ALIU entry for Wuester, as in the above chart.


2. All the Red Flag entries that mention Wuester in the ALIU list (below)

3. Connections to an organisation (below, all the ALIU Red Flag entries that mention the ERR)

4. Or to a place... (below, 416 Red Flag entries mention Paris )

5. Or to other art dealer or art market networks (Wuester, Lohse, ERR, Rochlitz..) 

ALIU Red Flag list entry for Adolf Wuester

Wuester, Adolf. Bernau, Bavaria Bonn Schloesel. Painter and amateur dealer, long-time pre-war resident of Paris. Chief agent in France for acquisition of works of art for Ribbentrop. Intimate contactws with von Behr and Lohse. Acted as expert for ERR on French 19th century painting. Appointed art adviser to the German Embassy on 16 July 1942, with the rank of Consul. Involved in two exchanges with the ERR. With Rochlitz, probably the leading intermediary for German official buyers in the Paris art market. Close contact of Bornheim, Dietrich, Bammann (among German dealers); Martin, Rademacher, Kuetgens and Goepel (among German museum buyers). Supplied with works of art primarily by Schoeller, Mandl, Leegenhoek, Raphael Gerard and Hotel Drouot. Close contact of Goetz, Rochlitz, Schoeller, Pfannstiel, Avogli-Trotti and the Duc de Trevise. Travelled in Switzerland, Sweden and Spain, purchasing works of art. Extradition requested by French Government.

ALIU Red Flag Names whose entries mention Wuester

Wuester, AdolfAbels Brothers, HermannCologne, Komoedienstrasse 26DealersSpecialists in 16th to 19th century painting and graphic artsActive in ParisIn touch with Wuester, who was advised on purchases for Ribbentrop
Wuester, AdolfBammann, HansDusseldorf, Blumenstrasse 11Dealer, drafted into the army in 1942 and transferred to the ERR in Paris in December 1943 at the request of Lohse and WuesterBelieved to have acted as agent for art purchases in France for museums of Dusseldorf, Cologne, Aachen and BonnContact of Rochlitz and ManteauIntroduced Lohse to important German museum directors and dealers
Wuester, AdolfBreker, Prof ArnoStarnberg (Buchhof uber Pocha), BavariaCelebrated Nazi sculptor, often in Paris during the warTook part in arranging tour of French artists through GermanyActive as buyerAdvised Goering through BunjesIn touch with Wuester, Adrion, Fabre, Jansen and other French dealers
Wuester, AdolfGoepel, Dr ErhardLeipzig, Stieghtstrasse 76Official Linz agent and buyer in Holland under Posse and VossBought extensively in Holland and also travelled frequently in Belgium and FranceNegotiated the forced sale of the Schloss Collection in ParisChief contacts: Vitale Bloch (Holland), Wuester, Wandl and Holzapfel (Paris)
Wuester, AdolfKnothe, DrSecretary of the German Embassy, Paris and reported to have worked with Wuester on art matters for von Ribbentrop and possibly Goebbels
Wuester, AdolfKuetgens, Dr FelixAachen, Heinrichsallee 18Member of Kunstschutz, ParisMentioned as also in charge of Kunstschutz in Serbia and GreeceAssisted by Wuester in art purchases in Paris
Wuester, AdolfLoewenisch, AlbertCologne Paris, 8 ave Victor MasselPurchasing agent for the Gauleitung Dusseldorf-Koln-Aachen-Bonn, and one of the official representatives of German museums in FranceContact of Hermssen, Wuester, Weinmueller and LangePartner of Toulinot and agent for Bornheim
Wuester, AdolfMay, Frau WismerZurich, Seefeldstrasse 90Colleague of Wuester in the art section of the German Embassy, ParisArdent Nazi and well connected in high Party circlesConsidered harmless by a British art looting investigation officer
Wuester, Adolf
Mohnen, Wilhelm Jacob
German nationalCaptured in Rome, 5 February 1945, after taking refuge in the VaticanMinor Embassy official and espionage agentAttached informally 1941-43 to the staff of Wuester in ParisSome activity as intermediary in German art purchases and looting
Wuester, AdolfMuthmann, DrDirector of Museum of KrefeldIn contact with Wuester, Paul Cailleux, Dr Kurt Martin and Dr Hopp
Wuester, AdolfPfannstiel, ArthurParisGerman painter and dealer, resident in Paris before the warMember of staff of ERR, Bordeaux and of GISFriend of von Behr, for whom he is said to have acted as an informerIn touch with WuesterBelieved under indictment for espionage
Wuester, AdolfRademacher, Dr BernardBonnAssistant at the Landesmuseum, BonnAgent for art purchases in FranceDealt with Leegenhoek, Postma and RochlitzIn touch with Wuester and Plietzsch
Wuester, Adolf
von Waldthausen
In charge of interior decoration of the German Embassy, Paris, 1940Assisted by Wuester, 1942
Wuester, AdolfWuester, AdolfBernau, Bavaria Bonn SchloeselPainter and amateur dealer, long-time pre-war resident of ParisChief agent in France for acquisition of works of art for RibbentropIntimate contactws with von Behr and LohseActed as expert for ERR on French 19th century paintingAppointed art adviser to the German Embassy on 16 July 1942, with the rank of Consul
Wuester, AdolfBlotParisDealer, dealt with Wuester
Wuester, AdolfCailleux, PaulParis, 136 rue du Fbg St HonoreDealer in contact with Rochlitz, Wuester, Frau Dietrich, HaberstockKnew Lohse, who claims to have freed his wife from a concentration campAuthority on 18th century French artPresident of the Art Dealers Association, Paris
Wuester, AdolfCloots, F GParis, 14 rue de l’AbbayeSmall dealer specialising in 17th century Dutch paintingIn contact with Wuester and HoferHusband of Alice Manteau
Wuester, AdolfGairac, GeorgesParis, 17 rue de SeineFrench art dealer who sold to Wuester and Bornheim
Wuester, AdolfGerard, Raphael Louis FelixParis, 4 ave de MessineDealt in confiscated pictures; main source of supply to Wuester and other German buyersIndicted by French Government (Seine Tribunal, Judge Frapier)
Wuester, Adolfde Haucke, Cesar MongeParis, 14 rue du Cherche-MidiDealer active in Paris and New York before the warActive in Paris during the occupation; in contact with Wuester, Haberstock and Hofer; documentary evidence in Unit files
Wuester, AdolfKalebjian, IreneParis, 52 bis ave d’IenaSchenker documents indicate sales to German buyersOne of Wuester’s chief sources
Wuester, AdolfLeegenhoek, M OParis, 1 rue de Rennes/230 blvd RaspailBelgian nationalProminent restorer and subsequent dealer who sold extensively to Hofer, Lohse, Wendland, Wuester, Dietrich, Haberstock, Miedl, Goepel and the great majority of important German purchasersFormerly associated with Lagrand, and connected with van der Veken and Renders in BelgiumBelieved still to be in ParisPossibly active in Wendland’s behalf
Wuester, AdolfMandl, VictorParis, 9 rue du BoetieGerman refugee dealer, formerly active in BerlinHighly important figure in German art purchases in ParisClose contact of Wendland, Dietrich, Voss, Goepel, Muehlmann, Lohse, Loebl, Perdoux, Birtschansky and WuesterIndicted by French Government for collaborationist activity
Wuester, AdolfMontag, CharlesSevres Meudon Val Fleury, 72 rue de ParisSwiss; naturalised FrenchArtist and dealerStrongly implicated in German activity in ParisAssociate of DequoyClose contact of Wuester and Wendland
Wuester, AdolfRenand, GeorgesParis, 30 quai de BethuneSold to Ribbentrop through WuesterSchenker documents indicate sales to German buyers
Wuester, AdolfSchmit, JeanParis, 22 rue de CharonneImportant antique dealer and decorating concernDealt with Bornheim, Angerer, Haberstock and other Germans brought to him by WuesterSchenker documents indicate sales to German buyers
Wuester, AdolfSchoeller, AndreParis, 13 rue de TeheranWell known expert in French 19th century paintingPresident of the Art Editors Syndicate and appraiser for the Hotel DrouotAppraised paintings confiscated by the ERRSold extensively to Wuester, Brueschwiller and LohsePossibly involved in the Schloss Collection confiscation, as informer
Wuester, AdolfToulinot (Toulino)Paris, 8 ave Victor MasselSmall dealerPartner of LoewenischOccasionally agent for BornheimIn contact with Wuester and Hofer
Wuester, Adolfde Trevise, DucParisPre-war sponsor and friend of Rochlitz and Wuester
Wuester, AdolfTrotti, Count Rene AvogliParis, 1/88 rue de GrenelleWell known art dealer of Italian birth; in touch with many German art agents during the war, particularly Wuester, an old friendAlso did business with HaberstockIndicted by French Government (Seine Tribunal, Judge Frapier)
Wuester, AdolfWuester AdolfSee Germany
Wuester, AdolfRaeber, Dr WilliBasle, St Albans Anlage 68Prominent art dealerVice president of the Swiss syndicate of art dealers and its most active memberInvolved in various looted art transactionsPossessed certain paintings on the Allied ListContact of Hofer and Wuester
Wuester, AdolfWendland, Dr HansVersoix/GenevaGerman nationalArt dealer, resident alternately in France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany since World War IPartner of Reber until about 1930Probably the most important individual engaged in quasi-official looted art transactions in France, Germany and Switzerland in World War IIActed as intermediary between Hofer and Fischer, and as Fischer’s chief purchasing agent