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Nov 14, 2020

When entire books about Nazi era provenance research are retracted?

Note: the publisher de Gruyter has explained that the retraction did not concern the paperback edition but only certain copyright issues with the electronic book version.

In October of 2019 the following announcement appeared in German: 

Presentation on November 4, 2019 in the DHM October 10, 2019 
The first volume of the series "Provenire" - published by the German Center for Cultural Property Losses - has been published. 

The volume entitled “Provenance Research in German Collections - Insights into Ten Years of Project Funding” will be presented on November 4, 2019 in the Zeughauskino of the German Historical Museum in Berlin. 
More information about the event The first volume presents the results and experiences of provenance research on Nazi looted property in Germany and bundles material from 10 years of research funding in institutions that preserve cultural property. Encyclopedically sorted according to locations, victims and actors of the Nazi theft of cultural property, the structure of provenance research is mapped as a dynamic research field. The institutional history of the houses as well as the activities and networks of actors are the focus. Diverse research approaches at museums, libraries and archives as well as different resulting "just and fair solutions" in the sense of the Washington principles are presented. 
The German Center for the Loss of Cultural Property publishes scientific articles in the field of provenance research in the series "Provenire". In addition to the Nazi theft of cultural property, other contexts of confiscation will also be presented and new developments in the discipline will be addressed - including research results from the research projects funded by the center on cultural property confiscated as a result of Nazi persecution, the confiscation of cultural property in the Soviet occupation zone and in the GDR, as well as transfers of cultural property from colonial contexts. Possibility to order publications from the German Loss of Cultural Property Center 
(translation by Google Translate; see original German below)

By whom?
What does this mean for all the authors? The articles? The research?

The table of contents looks interesting.

What happens to these articles?
Are they still published and available?
Are they also withdrawn?

What caused De Gruyter to retract a book about Nazi era provenance research in Germany.

Is the entire book retracted? Or just one article or section?
Who can explain what happened here?

Erster Band der Schriftenreihe „Provenire“ erschienen – Präsentation am 4.11.2019 im DHM 10.10.2019 Präsentation am 4.11.2019 im DHM 10.10.2019 Der ers­te Band der Schrif­ten­rei­he „Pro­ve­ni­re“ – her­aus­ge­ge­ben vom Deut­schen Zen­trum Kul­tur­gut­ver­lus­te – ist er­schie­nen. Der Band un­ter dem Ti­tel „Pro­ve­ni­enz­for­schung in deut­schen Samm­lun­gen – Ein­bli­cke in zehn Jah­re Pro­jekt­för­de­rung“ wird am 4. No­vem­ber 2019 im Zeug­haus­ki­no des Deut­sches His­to­ri­schen Mu­se­ums in Ber­lin prä­sen­tiert. Wei­te­re In­for­ma­tio­nen zur Ver­an­stal­tung Der ers­te Band prä­sen­tiert Er­geb­nis­se und Er­fah­run­gen der Pro­ve­ni­enz­for­schung zu NS-Raub­gut in Deutsch­land und bün­delt Ma­te­ri­al aus 10 Jah­ren For­schungs­för­de­rung in kul­tur­gut­be­wah­ren­den Ein­rich­tun­gen. En­zy­klo­pä­disch nach Or­ten, Op­fern und Ak­teu­ren des NS-Kul­tur­gu­traubs sor­tiert, wird der Auf­bau der Pro­ve­ni­enz­for­schung als ein dy­na­mi­sches For­schungs­feld ab­ge­bil­det. Die In­sti­tu­ti­ons­ge­schich­te der Häu­ser so­wie Ak­ti­vi­tä­ten und Netz­wer­ke von Ak­teu­ren ste­hen da­bei im Fo­kus. Viel­fäl­ti­ge For­schungs­an­sät­ze an Mu­se­en, Bi­blio­the­ken und Ar­chi­ven so­wie un­ter­schied­li­che, re­sul­tie­ren­de „ge­rech­te und fai­re Lö­sun­gen“ im Sin­ne der Wa­shing­to­ner Prin­zi­pi­en wer­den dar­ge­stellt. Das Deut­sche Zen­trum Kul­tur­gut­ver­lus­te ver­öf­fent­licht in der Schrif­ten­rei­he „Pro­ve­ni­re“ wis­sen­schaft­li­che Fach­bei­trä­ge im Be­reich Pro­ve­ni­enz­for­schung. Ne­ben dem NS-Kul­tur­gu­traub sol­len auch an­de­re Ent­zie­hungs­kon­tex­te dar­ge­stellt so­wie neue Ent­wick­lun­gen in der Dis­zi­plin auf­ge­grif­fen wer­den - dar­un­ter auch For­schungs­er­geb­nis­se aus den vom Zen­trum ge­för­der­ten For­schungs­pro­jek­ten zu NS-ver­fol­gungs­be­dingt ent­zo­ge­nen Kul­tur­gü­tern, Kul­tur­gut­ent­zie­hun­gen in der So­wje­ti­schen Be­sat­zungs­zo­ne und in der DDR so­wie Kul­tur­gut­trans­fers aus ko­lo­nia­len Kon­tex­ten. Be­stell­mög­lich­keit Pu­bli­ka­tio­nen des Deut­schen Zen­trums Kul­tur­gut­ver­lus­te 


Provenienzforschung in deutschen Sammlungen

Einblicke in zehn Jahre Projektförderung

Series: Provenire, 1
Edited by: Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste